MenoFit Method

Choose The Workout That's Best For You

Short Workouts

Get the full body burn in half the time with these shorter workouts designed to target every muscle in your body, with a heavy emphasis on core strength and stability. 

Burnout Workouts

Shorter in duration and designed to be quick and efficient, use these on days you are crunched for time, or stack them together for a longer workout! Who doesn’t love a mix n’ match?!

Full Workouts

No muscle is left behind in these 40 – 60 minute Pilates based workouts. Ranging from body weight only, to use of multiple small accessories.

Recovery Workouts

These body weight only flows are designed for the days when you are sore and needing an active recovery day. Focusing on mobility, flexibility,  and head-to-toe nourishing movement, you should feel more pliable, relaxed and ready to go for the next day!

Start Your MenoFit Journey Today!​

Don’t just survive menopause; thrive with MenoFit! Elevate your fitness, empower your mind, and build lasting connections in our supportive community. Click below to enroll in MenoFit Method and embark on a holistic journey toward a stronger, more resilient you.

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