Rewriting The Narrative

In the heart of MenoFit Method lies a transformative promise – to guide women through menopause with strength, resilience, and a supportive community. It’s not just about workouts; it’s about reclaiming control, embracing change, and celebrating the beauty of this unique journey.


On average, womens’ deep belly fat (visceral fat) increases by 44% during the menopause transition. This  highly inflammatory fat predisposes us to developing high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and other health risks.

Revolutionize your nutrition during menopause with our expert guidance! The MenoFit Method will help you navigate the challenges of your changing physiology as we help you adapt your diet, not just for improved body composition and athletic performance, but for overall health.

Our program will help you discover personalized eating strategies tailored to your unique metabolism, physiology and personal preferences.


Elevate your fitness journey through menopause with our tailored approach! The hormonal decline throughout peri/menopause accelerates our loss of muscle mass, affecting our power, strength, balance, aerobic capacity, and joint stability.

How we exercise will make all the difference! Our program embraces the power of Pilates to build a strong foundation and combat the impact of hormonal decline by focusing on stability, mobility, and core strength. In addition, you will also learn why non-exercise activity will be your secret weapon when it comes to daily caloric expenditure and improving your metabolism!


Unlock your metabolic potential in menopause by prioritizing stress management as the cornerstone of your lifestyle. The hormonal decline throughout menopause results in us becoming more sensitive to stress. More sensitive means less tolerant. If we don’t learn how to keep our stress in check, no amount of good eating and exercise will produce the results we’re looking for. I learned this the hard way!

Through our program you will learn to monitor your mindset, stress levels, recovery, and sleep to optimize health throughout menopause and beyond—because a balanced lifestyle is the key to lasting results.


Join MenoFam and be part of a supportive community where shared experiences light the way through menopause! No more navigating in the dark—embrace a space free of shame, confusion, and loneliness. Research-backed and empowering, our community fosters positivity, counters depression, and encourages physical activity. Together, we’ll turn menopause into a shared journey of resilience, support, and well-being!

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Don’t just survive menopause; thrive with MenoFit! Elevate your fitness, empower your mind, and build lasting connections in our supportive community. Click below to enroll in MenoFit Method and embark on a holistic journey toward a stronger, more resilient you.

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Don’t go through this challenging stage alone. Our vibrant MenoFam community are here to listen, teach, and uplift eachother at every step of their menopause journey.

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