Get Your Meno Mojo Back!

Let’s put you back in the driver’s seat of your menopause journey!

Learn how to reignite your menopausal metabolism with simple yet potent changes to how you eat, move, and live.

Build Your Menopause Toolkit!

We Want to Recognize The Person In The Mirror Again. We Want To Build Muscle, Shed Fat, Prime Our Metabolism, Feel Motivated, Energetic, Well Rested And Clear Headed. Menofit Will Give You the Tools You Need To Make This Transformation.

Our Program Will Give You:


Workouts Designed Specifically for Your Peri/Menopausal Physiology


Educational courses on essential topics like:

  • What To Eat          
  • How To Optimize Your Menopausal Metabolism
  • How To Eat            
  • How To Get Consistently Good Sleep
  • How To Exercise    
  • Supplements Every Menopausal Woman Should Be Taking
  • Treatment Options
  • How To Improve Your Gut & Adrenal Health
  • How To Manage Stress Like A Boss


Having A Safe, Supportive Space Is Crucial To Our Well Being.



No Meno - Fads, Just Meno - Facts.

We provide science - backed education and guidance.

Meno - Finds

I'll share all of my go-to products, supplements, tips and tricks to support your menopausal needs.

Meno - Fam

The minute you join Meno-Fit, we are Meno - Sistas! You will never struggle alone. You have a growing Meno - Fam cheering you on!

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