Michelle LaFramboise


Michelle Laframboise is the passionate founder of MenoFit Method, a revolutionary program dedicated to supporting women navigating the complexities of menopause. Born and raised in Canada, Michelle’s journey into health and fitness began with 14 years of figure skating, instilling a love for health and movement. After earning a degree in nursing, she spent nearly a decade working as an ER nurse. It was during this time that she discovered the life-changing benefits of Pilates.

Her love for Pilates led her to become a certified instructor, a journey spanning 17 years and counting. Michelle’s commitment to holistic well-being became even more profound when she faced her own health challenges during perimenopause. Struggling with chronic stress, hormone fluctuations, and joint issues, Michelle hit rock bottom but emerged with a mission.

Driven by her personal experience, Michelle founded MenoFit Method to address the unique needs of women during perimenopause and beyond. The MenoFit Method is not just a program; it’s a holistic approach focusing on women’s fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and the importance of community. Michelle’s personal journey through perimenopause fuels her commitment to helping women not only survive but thrive during this life stage. Her goal is to create a strong community of women supporting each other through the challenges and celebrations of menopause.

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